Parking Enforcement / MLEO

Pillar Security offers parking enforcement services on private property in the Greater Toronto Area. Our security operatives are licensed as M.L.E.O.s (Municipal Law Enforcement Officers) and are able to issue parking infraction notices for specific offences such as:

  • Parking in a Fire Route
  • Parking on Private Property without a Valid Permit
  • Parking in a Non-Designated Area on Private Property
  • Parking in a Designated Disabled Space without a Valid Disabled Parking Permit

Pillar Security focus on quality of documentation and record keeping ensures that any disputes are resolved professionally. We aim to educate the public concerning private parking policies and regulations, ensuring our clients can manage their parking space with the appropriate enforcement.

We are dedicated to providing a 24-hour and seven-day-a-week service to our clients to ensure the safe and efficient movement of traffic on private property, maximizing the availability of short term and dedicated parking on our clients’ property.

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