Concierge / Residential Services

The most important component of our hospitality service is communication with residents and guests. It is imperative to consistently communicate in a refined, professional and helpful manner, which in turn creates an enjoyable and functional living environment without compromising the safety and security of the residents.

We feel this component adds value to the property and enhances the quality of life. Pillar Security offers a unique level of service that focuses on superior communication with residents, board members and property management. A seamless integration of the following services is the foundation upon which our operation functions:

Security Services
  • Front desk management
  • Security patrol tours
  • 24/7 Communications Centre monitoring department.
  • Our own proprietary communications security software is designed as a centralized database to maintain confidential internal records.
Concierge Services
  • Coordination of all common facilities such as parking, elevators, party room and guest suite bookings.
  • Monitoring security cameras and ensuring video equipment is functional
  • Facilitating entry of authorized visitors and trades people
  • Accepting packages and deliveries
  • Enforcing parking rules and regulations
  • Responding to telephone inquiries by residents and visitors
Security Patrols

Given the limitations of most surveillance equipment, it is imperative that security patrols be routinely executed. These patrols ensure that no entry points have been compromised while monitoring the operational elements of a building.

Security patrols are executed once an hour during the evening and night shifts and usually take approximately 15 minutes. Every element of a building will be examined during the course of a security shift. Security patrols involve the following procedures:

  • Inspect all entry points to ensure doors are locked and perimeter is clear
  • Check mechanical/electrical rooms for leaks, abnormal pressure readings or unusual odours
  • Inspect parking areas (visitors and residents) to ensure parking compliance and check for safety hazards.
  • Patrol all stairwells, floor hallways, common areas and facilities to check for signs of forced entry, vandalism, garbage, smoking infractions or areas in disrepair
Security Logs

The accurate communication of information to relief staff, senior managers and property management is integral to the daily functionality of a building. Traditional hand written security logs are at times illegible, cumbersome to search and in many cases discourage investigations. Managing and recording all pertinent information via a software-based system such as Aquarius, improves significantly the accuracy and efficiency of the process.

Information necessary to expedite any given situation is summarized and readily available without having to sift through mounds of paper. Depending on the parameters of an incident the appropriate individuals are informed automatically via e-mail, with daily, weekly and monthly reports. The checks and balances of the process ensure adherence with established practices and procedures. Some of the information routinely logged in the Aquarius system includes:

  • In house (warning) parking tickets
  • Issues related to vehicular traffic flow
  • Descriptions and license plate numbers of offender’s vehicles
  • Mechanical issues requiring either immediate or long term actions by property management
  • Incident reports relating to fire, theft, assaults, etc., which allow for senior security managers to respond accordingly
  • Resident issues relating to security or building deficiencies
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