Condominium Management Software

A unique element of the services we bring to the table is a proprietary software program named Aquarius. Aquarius is an advanced communication tool developed by our founder over the last decade as a means to: Creating a secure, pleasant and functional environment can only be achieved with a strong work ethic combined with an efficient, intelligent management approach. The principal of the company offers years of senior management experience in the services industry.

The President and CEO founded the company in 1996 and offers unparalleled knowledge of the security industry with a hands-on management approach. His engineering experience brings a grounded and systematic approach to emergency and incident response.

Manually written reports have been the conventional method used as a means of communication in the security and concierge industry. Some companies have tried to “pass on” books or use memorandums in an attempt to further enhance communication. This slow and inefficient model of operation can lead to costly misunderstandings and inaccuracies.

Our proprietary Aquarius software eliminates this confusion and creates an efficient and accessible communication system. With its powerful search engine, Aquarius gives you the ability to search for records on a fully integrated, secure database. It is designed to facilitate communication between residents, staff, property management and the board. It monitors vital information and provides detailed procedures to follow in emergency situations. Some of the features and benefits of the system include:

  • Searchable security manual for safety and emergency response
  • Automated log books with custom formats for ease of entry – no manual notes
  • Internal message centre – provides instant messaging and allows for scheduled reminders and bulletins
  • Centralized, secure database for all information – authorized individuals can access information off-site via the internet
  • Dedicated managing centres – includes modules for visitor parking, package receipt and delivery, incident reporting, facility bookings and suite management
  • Internal IT controls governing appropriate levels of access to system (i.e. resident vs. staff vs. management)
  • Facilitate communication between owners, residents, board members, property management and security/concierge staff
  • Ensure adhered to specific emergency response procedures while supporting existing security monitoring systems