The Benefits of Working with Pillar Security

  • Comprehensive Employee Training - When training personnel, we instill in our staff pride, self-esteem and a willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty. The emphasis is to ensure that each employee is proficient in their knowledge of the daily duties they will fulfill at their work location, as well as fire alarm systems, emergency procedures, and public relations
  • Senior Management Commitment - Pillar Security specializes in concierge and security management of high-end residential condominiums, and we pride ourselves on being a caring and innovative company. We have provided concierge and security services to condominiums for more than twenty years, and have developed robust relationships with every one of our customers.
  • High Employee Retention - Being security professionals, we understand the importance of motivated and well-trained personnel and as such, our full-time employees enjoy an attractive group benefit plan. At Pillar Security, the pay rate for Head Concierge is kept at a premium for purposes of retention and in the belief that they are of paramount importance to the improvements in our services.
  • Security Audits and Property Evaluation - Pillar Security has been involved in the review of existing security systems, procedures and crime prevention programs. Our expertise allows us to thoroughly review and make recommendations that can reduce the overall exposure to risk by first identifying the risk, minimizing or eliminating the risk and implementing procedures to prevent the risk from reoccurring.
  • Strategic Transitions - Integrating services into a facility and instilling confidence into management and residents requires good communication and a clear understanding of expectations. In order to accomplish this in a smooth and functional manner, we equip property management with essential tools in helping to assist the seamless cross over between vendors.
  • Site Specific Post Orders - Through a meticulous survey of residents, owners, board members and property management, we will create dedicated post orders for your site. This complete post-order manual covers all security and hospitality functions; it will be reviewed on a regular basis ensuring adherence to site protocol. Once the post orders have been created, the appropriate information is inputted in the software and a personal concierge plan is established.