Why Choose Pillar Security?

Dedicated Management

Experienced, professional Management Team with a strong hands-on approach. Our Management Team makes every effort to attend each of our sites on a daily basis. They are completely available and on call to property management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to promptly address any concerns. The Management Team works closely with each client to develop and implement a custom service plan that incorporates site specific elements.

Confident Personnel

Staff is selected by their ability to comprehend and respond to a given situation, familiarize and adapt themselves to the work environment, and for their ability to interact well with people. Our employees are not merely guards, they are ambassadors who instill confidence and earn respect from management, residents / tenants and visitors alike.

Team Effort

Pillar Security not only works as a team within itself, but has the ability to also look at the bigger picture. We realize that in order to keep the day to day workings of any building running smoothly and efficiently, we must work closely with property management, maintenance/cleaning staff, and clients. We strive to maintain good communication, good working relations and open dialogue in order to continually improve the all around atmosphere at each and every one of our sites.


Due to our focus on concierge and security services for condominiums, we have been able to keep our overhead costs down to a minimum. This translates into being able to offer very competitive pricing without sacrificing the quality of personnel we employ. We also offer our exclusive Sentinel communication software as part of our service at no additional cost to our clients.