Transition to Pillar Security 

If your property is currently looking for a new concierge and security service you can rely on then you have some to the right place. Pillar has is a leading agency in the industry for residential building security with two decades of experience on our back. Upon the decision to switch to Pillar we assign you your own Transition Manager. They will take care of the complete transition process.


Pillar Security will assign your very own Transition Manager.


The Transition Manager will ensure a smooth transition of the property. Our Transition Managers have years of experience and have a dedicated support team behind them. They will ensure that everyone involved will receive clear concise communications and updates.


We will ensure a smooth transition, as we understand the difficulty and stress experienced by both staff as well as property management in these situations. It is essential for us to keep everyone involved as fully aware of the process during a transition. Transitions are not easy, Pillar ensures a progressive smooth transition from the very beginning. We monitor every adjustment that is made and we never proceed quickly unless we are sure the plan can be executed properly.


How it works:


1. Our Transition Manager has a conference with the property management to have them address their expectations, questions and or concerns.


2. We acquaint ourselves with the property – exterior perimeter, internal systems onsite, amenities, parking levels, and surrounding areas.


3. We conduct a complete security audit of security systems such as CCTV’s, DVR’s, and the fire Panel to ensure that all is operating accordingly.


4. Before completely moving into the building we train and hire the right executive concierge, alongside with the ideal support staff that will carry on various security duties.


5. We develop and maintain well indexed, site-specific written instructions known as post orders for the guards on the duty.


6. Once the proper team collaboration has been put together, we then train and evaluate staff on procedures & security systems. In addition we go through specific sections of the post order that are mandatory for our security staff to knowledge.


7. Immediately after the foundation has been set we then create a schedule for regular on site meetings. This is to monitor the service and to make sure we take the proper steps in communicating effectively with property management.