Security Software – “Sentinel”


Communication and Security Software - "Sentinel"
"...Sentinel gives you the ability to search for records on a fully integrated, secure database."
  • Automated log books with custom formats for ease of entry-no manual notes.
  • Internal message centre- provides instant messaging and allows for scheduled reminders and bulletins.
  • Centralized, secure database for all information-authorized individuals can access information off-site via the internet.
  • Dedicated managing centre’s includes modules for visitor parking, package receipt and delivery, incident reporting, facility bookings and suite management.

Manually writing reports have been the conventional methods used as a means of communication in the security and concierge industry. Some companies have tried to “pass on” books or use memorandums in an attempt to further enhance communication. This slow and inefficient model of operation can lead to costly misunderstandings and inaccuracies.Our proprietary “Sentinel” software eliminates the confusion and creates an efficient and accessible communication system. With its powerful search engine, Sentinel gives you the ability to search for records on a fully integrated, secure database. It is designed to facilitate communication between residents, staff, property management and the board. It monitors vital information and provides detailed procedures to follow in emergency stations.

With the SENTINEL program, you can:
  • Send e-mail between security, management and other staff.
  • Create searchable security logs to keep track of
  • Packages / keys / lent items
  • Building / suite access
  • Alarms
  • Major incidents
  • Patrols
  • Mechanical problems
  • Suite keys left for cleaners, trades people, real estate agents etc.
  • Resident / tenant information (contact #'s, access card #'s, garage remotes etc.)
  • Unit information (Locker #'s, parking spaces, entry codes etc.)
  • Visitor parking entries
  • Co-ordinate facility bookings such as :
  • Guest suites
  • Elevators
  • Party rooms
  • Incorporate your Security Manual into a searchable platform

**Property Managers** -- You can easily access SENTINEL offsite via the internet.


With its powerful search engine, SENTINEL gives you the ability to review historic records. Combine this with the versatility SENTINEL affords and you have a multitude of invaluable information at your fingertips to obtain the reports that you need, such as:

  • Major incidents;
  • Parking violations;
  • Mechanical problems;
  • Trades people entries and service logs;
  • Tenant enquiries;
  • Miscellaneous building deficiencies;
  • Security patrols;
  • Common facility bookings (ie guest suites)


These reports (and others) can be formatted for you on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.