Our Values

1. Customer Focus

We go above & beyond for our clients with their best interests in mind.

2. Providing a Top Tier Service to the Condominium Communities

Our expertise lies in this market & we capitalize by providing only the highest level of service.

3. Exceptional Performance

Constantly focusing on exceeding the standard that has been laid out today; we are updated on utilizing newer technology, in addition to practicing and incorporating better business methodology.

4. Providing only the most Quality Personnel

Pillar security guards have a firm understanding of our expectations & the professional conduct of which they must abide by. They are screened, trained, evaluated & properly re-assessed regularly to maintain the reciprocated quality standard that we share with our clients.

5. Expertise

Consistency deriving from years of experience & outstanding work ethic has formed a solid foundation for our continuous progress.

6. Superior Management Collaboration & Teamwork

Members of Pillar Security management are fully accessible at all times, never turning down requests large or miniscule in capacity. They genuinely care about the progress of the account and will keep pressure off property management by remaining reliable throughout the course of the contract.