Pillar Security Condominium Philosophy:

1. Protection of Life & Property

  • Protecting the property & deterring criminal activity by enforcing regulatory measures.
  • Ensuring the safety & sustenance of comfortable living standards for all residents.
  • Answering and attending any resident distress call to restore normalcy.

2. Confidential, Personalized Service amongst Residents & Management

  • Respect of resident privacy.
  • Full recognition of resident lifestyle needs & demands.
  • Keeping private information & assignments between management confidential at all times.

3. Immediate Reporting

  • Drafting reports frequently to alleviate potential liability issues.
  • All incidents ranging from large to miniscule are recorded & submitted to management through appropriate documentation.
  • Suspicious behaviour, breach of regulations or malicious conduct is monitored through daily logs & special incident reporting.

4. Effective Crises Management

  • Prevention of volatile circumstances that pose a threat to the condominium community.
  • Restoration of order after fire alarms, power outages or other similar unfortunate predicaments.
  • Guards are trained to perform in a variety of dangerous scenarios therefore increasing their risk management aptitude.

5. Superior Officer + Client Compatibility

  • Concierge & security staff is chosen after we have gone through an analysis of the property matching the right guards to the right site.
  • The concierge and security staffs that are chosen for your site will be well aware of the areas that require the most attention; they become specialists when dealing with your property.
  • We understand that service is of major importance to the condominium communities and we provide staff that adheres to the policies of the corporation.