A Division of Authentic Concierge and Security Services Inc.





Pillar Security has been providing exceptional concierge and security services for upscale residential and commercial complexes for over 10 years. As a company we embrace a simple business philosophy of "Exceeding Your Expectations". It is our mission to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by instilling into our staff the importance of cooperation, commitment and dedication. Our team of licensed security professionals prides itself on being able to provide our clients with a secure, functional and pleaseant environment in which to live or work. We are proud of the company we have built and are confident that given the opportunity, you too will understand why Pillar Security provides a level of service well beyond its competition.

The primary reason for client satisfaction over the years has been our ability to communicate effectively with our clients and staff throughout the various levels of service we provide. A seamless integration of the following services is the foundation upon which our operation functions:

  • Security Services - including front desk management, security patrols and a sophisticated, software-based system for security logs.

  • Safety / Emergency Response - timely and coordinated responses to fire alarms, suite and mechanical alarms, medical and police situations.

  • Concierge Services - coordination of all shared facilities such as parking, elevators, guest suites and party rooms as well as facilitating the receipt of packages and the entry of authorized trades, real-estate agents and visitors.