Pillar Security

A Division of Authentic Concierge and Security Services Inc.

Pillar Security has been providing exceptional concierge and security services for upscale residential and commercial complexes for over 20 years. As a company, we embrace a simple business philosophy of "Exceeding Your Expectations". It is our mission to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction by instilling into our staff the importance of cooperation, commitment and dedication.

Training Courses
  • Level 1:

    Online Training- (Ontario Security Licensing Requirement)

  • Level 2:

    Preliminary standard training with Operations Management

  • Level 3:

    The Core Competencies Training Schedule

  • Level 4:

    Onsite Training & Orientation: 1 Week+

  • Level 5:

    On Site Property Re- Evaluation every 3 months Up until a year

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Security Candidate Hiring Process

  • All Pillar Security guards must have 1 year + security or security related experience to be considered as prospective candidates.
  • They must possess excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) as well as a professional appearance that is suited to security position, well groomed - Presentable.
  • Computer literacy is a must, our candidates should have standard computer knowledge or higher with thorough report writing capabilities.
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Pillar Security
A Division of Authentic Concierge and Security Services Inc.
  • Concierge Security
    Pillar Security offers a unique level of service that focuses on superior communication with residents,...
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  • Mobile Patrols
    Our Mobile Patrol is the answer wherever a flexible, visible and physical security presence is required.
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  • Security Guarding
    Pillar Security provides manned guarding security solutions to all types and sizes of industry, commerce and public sector organizations.
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  • Alarm Response
    Pillar Security can supplement your alarm system with our 24/7 alarm response service.
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  • Parking Enforcement
    Pillar Security offers parking enforcement services on private property in the Greater Toronto Area.
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  • The Transition Process
    The ideal transition when everyone involved is fully aware of the process, this is essential for all of us.
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Communication and Security Software - "Sentinel"
"...Sentinel gives you the ability to search for records on a fully integrated, secure database."
  • Automated log books with custom formats for ease of entry-no manual notes.
  • Internal message centre- provides instant messaging and allows for scheduled reminders and bulletins.
  • Centralized, secure database for all information-authorized individuals can access information off-site via the internet.
  • Dedicated managing centre’s includes modules for visitor parking, package receipt and delivery, incident reporting, facility bookings and suite management.