Professional Concierge and Security Services

Pillar Security has been protecting and securing our customers for over two decades. Working in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) we provide our products and services for both residential and commercial clients. Our mission is to maintain a high level of customer's satisfaction, no matter how big or small, Pillar Security is as secure as its name.  

Training Courses
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    Level 1:

    Online Training- (Ontario Security Licensing Requirement)

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    Level 2:

    Preliminary standard training with Operations Management

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    Level 3:

    The Core Competencies Training Schedule

  • training-4

    Level 4:

    Onsite Training & Orientation: 1 Week+

  • training-5

    Level 5:

    On Site Property Re- Evaluation every 3 months Up until a year

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Security Candidate Hiring Process

  • All Pillar Security guards must have 1 year + security or security related experience to be considered as prospective candidates.
  • They must possess excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) as well as a professional appearance that is suited to security position, well groomed - Presentable.
  • Computer literacy is a must, our candidates should have standard computer knowledge or higher with thorough report writing capabilities.
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Latest News
Pillar Security
Covering the Greater Toronto Area
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    Concierge Security
    Pillar Security offers a unique level of service that focuses on superior communication with residents,...
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    Mobile Patrols
    Our Mobile Patrol is the answer wherever a flexible, visible and physical security presence is required.
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    Security Guarding
    Pillar Security provides manned guarding security solutions to all types and sizes of industry, commerce and public sector organizations.
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    Alarm Response
    Pillar Security can supplement your alarm system with our 24/7 alarm response service.
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    Parking Enforcement
    Pillar Security offers parking enforcement services on private property in the Greater Toronto Area.
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    The Transition Process
    The ideal transition when everyone involved is fully aware of the process, this is essential for all of us.
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